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Ouno Nurse Care


At our agency, you have complete control over your schedule. You can choose the specific days and hours you want to work, whether it's full-time or additional shifts alongside your permanent job.

Ouno Nurse Care

Increased Earnings

We recognize the high demand for GP's and Nurses, and we believe in providing you with the full salary you deserve, without any pay cuts. Your hard work and dedication should be rewarded accordingly.

Exclusive Job Opportunities

As our valued healthcare professional, you gain access to exclusive job vacancies. We receive the latest job rotas ahead of others, ensuring that you have the first pick of the most desirable shifts.

Ouno Nurse Care

Become Part of Our Team

Our dedicated consultants are here to support you throughout the entire process, from securing interviews to finding the perfect job match. You can rely on our team to invest their time in finding the right vacancies, so you can focus on your career with peace of mind.

Ouno Nurse Care

Professional Skills Analysis

By meeting you in person or discussing your preferences, our consultants thoroughly analyze your skills. This allows us to identify the job opportunities that align best with your expertise and qualifications.

Ouno Nurse Care

Diverse Work Opportunities

We believe in expanding your horizons and offering a variety of work environments. Whether it's a hospital, GP surgery, WIC, UCC, or MIU, you have the freedom to choose where you work. Embrace the flexibility to explore different settings and gain valuable experience.

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